Irkutsker Bevölkerung bedankt sich!

Hier eine Zuschrift einer dankbaren Mutter aus Irkutsk

My name is Olga S.,

I live in Irkutsk, Russia, and the gift of Pforzheim for Irkutsk citizens was based at the playground near our house at Kanazava street, 3.

I would like to express great thankfulness to authorities of Pforzheim from all families living nearby 🙂

It is such a joy to see children at playground and hear them laughing, some neighbours even didn’t know that three are so many children in our two houses.

Two months ago the playground looked like at picture I attach. I hope that aurhorities of Irkutsk will help us keeping the new playground clean and safe, (and that they will install a sandbox for toddlers).

I wish you all the best, and thank you personally for your work with your colleagues. Best regards, Olga S.



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